References of GS Environnement

They have confidence in us



In 2006 we installed our first restaurant in Villenaves d'Ornon with the NOBEL K series sprinkler system, right next to the cooking equipment.
Today in France, more than 300 KFC are equipped by GS-Environnement. We have been able to meet the requirements of this chain and perpetuate our relationship by offering them the best in safety.


For the longest tunnel in the world, Demathieu-Bard chose the Stat-X system to protect the construction equipment needed to build the tunnel.

Plaza Athénée

14 K series systems installed in their kitchens. Fire safety is not an issue.

Palace of the King of Saudi Arabia in Tangier

Safety is of paramount importance to the Saudi regime.
That's why the NOBEL KS system was selected to equip the kitchens of the Palace of the King of Saudi Arabia in Tangier, ensuring their protection against fire.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is renovating its facilities and has selected the Stat-X system for fire protection in particularly complex premises classified as secret.


When Merre won a contract for 29 navigation units for the French Navy, they called on our expertise for the fire safety of the engine room. By guaranteeing optimal safety, the Stat-X system was chosen for the entire fleet.

Salle Pleyel

An emblematic temple of dance and music, Salle Pleyel has entrusted the fire protection of its kitchens to Global Sécurité Environnement.
The very design and refined decoration of this space extends the magic of the place and the NOBEL KS fire detection system, entirely made of stainless steel, was able to integrate discreetly while guaranteeing the best fire protection.

France Télévisions

After TF1 and Euronews, it was only natural that France Télévisions choose Global Sécurité Environnement to equip its company restaurant.
The Nobel System was selected at the Issy les Moulineaux headquarters to provide the kitchens with the best possible protection against fire risks, thus guaranteeing the safety of all those involved in the preparation of some 2,400 meals a day.


The systems are installed in the kitchens of the staff restaurants and provide effective and reliable fire protection.
In the case of the Gourock warehouse, the installation was the result of an insurance inspection by Allianz Insurance and the recommendation to install a suitable system on both the canopy and the extended flues.