Our fire protection product solutions

Nobel K Series Fire Protection


The K Series fire protection systems are designed to suit the configuration of the kitchens to be protected. The simplicity of the Nobel system allows the customer to tailor it exactly to their needs ensuring optimum protection and rapid fire suppression. Each installation is individually analysed taking into account the totality of the fire risks.


  • Customised system with no installation restrictions
  • Suitable for all kitchen layouts
  • Discreet and aesthetic
  • 100% electrical system
  • No wearing parts to replace
  • Control panel with fault indicator screen
  • Remote fault diagnosis


  • System design: simple, adaptable, flexible to kitchen configurations.
  • Protection of cooking appliances: the choice of nozzles and tank is made according to the type of equipment to be protected after a study of the layout. The fire protection can be extended in the extraction ducts to the outside of the building. The system is scalable and additional extensions can be added.
  • System control: A control panel receives a signal from the detection device which automatically activates the extinguishing circuits. It is also equipped with a manual trigger. The panel is continuously self-monitoring and indicates the status of the system on a display. The system is also equipped with a battery backup for 48 hours in case of a power failure.
  • The extinguishing liquid, which is close to neutral pH, does not cause any damage to the kitchen equipment. It is easy to clean up and enables the kitchen to be put back into operation quickly.

French Regulations

Article GC8 of the decree of 10 October 2005 requires large kitchens to install an automatic fire extinguishing system. "Large kitchens, reheating rooms and each cooking island must have extinguishing devices adapted to the risks present. In large open kitchens and cooking islands, automatic extinguishing devices suitable for oil fires must be installed in the vicinity of open fryers.
Be compliant thanks to the Nobel K Series system.

Nous vous accompagnons dans la mise aux normes de votre cuisine.

Fire protection Stat-X

Nobel STAT-X

The assurance of fire protection.
Fire extinguishing system for confined and hard to reach spaces.

Stat-X is an innovative system for the protection of life and property.

he system combines science and economy to extinguish fires in an environmentally friendly manner.
Stat-X is used in hard-to-reach areas across a wide range of industries. It has a fast response time. Its wide range of modules adapts to the volume of the areas to be protected. It is environmentally friendly.

The Stat-X fire extinguisher is a potassium-based aerosol, which suppresses fire by chemically interfering with the free radicals in the flames. The system is safer and more effective than halon gas. The potassium-based extinguishing agent remains airborne for up to one hour, preventing reignition and ensuring safety after the fire.
When a fire is detected, the Stat-X system can be activated either manually or automatically from a control panel.


  1. Effective, reliable and economical protection in the preservation of difficult and complex environments.
  2. Tailored to the exact needs of the customer in terms of the spaces and volumes to be protected.
  3. Easy to install: no pressurised cylinders, no nozzles and no piping.
  4. Compact: minimal weight and space requirements.
  5. Does not damage electronic equipment or magnetic media.
  6. Minimum maintenance and up to 10 years life span.
  7. Contact with the product is safe for humans.
  8. Does not reduce oxygen levels.
  9. No risk of gas loss.
  10. Easy aerosol evacuation through ventilation.

Stat-X products are suitable for a multitude of different applications, without limitation:

  • Clean rooms,
  • Control rooms,
  • Generator rooms,
  • Wind turbines,
  • Storage area for flammable liquids,
  • Turbines and generators,
  • Engine rooms of ships, tankers, yachts, etc.
  • Power stations,
  • Engine compartments,
  • Lift, Engine rooms,
  • Chemical storage,
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories,
  • Factories,
  • Food processing plant,
  • High value mobile machines,
  • Transport (bus, train)
  • Telecom and Data,
  • Oil platform,
  • Fire fighting - first aid.

Stat-X is available in a complete range to meet all needs.